Maine Governor Says Donald Trump Visit Raises Security Concerns; He Says He’ll Go Anyway

Maine Governor Janet Mills has asked President Donald Trump to reconsider his plans to visit her state this week. She says that there are security concerns, because of the protests being held across the nation, and in particular, those held adjacent to the president, outside the White House, over the past few nights. Trump gleefully insisted Monday that he would make the trip in direct violation of the governor’s recommendation, and that, in fact, her opposition to his visit just made him more determined to go.

Trump travels to Maine even though it's security risk
[Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images]

Over the weekend, protests were held near the White House to call for justice in the wake of the death of George Floyd, who died at the hands of Minneapolis police last week. Trump was reportedly ushered into the security bunker during the demonstrations. On Friday, he plans to travel to Guilford, Maine, where he’ll be touring Puritan Medical Products facility, which is making nasal swabs.

According to Bloomberg, Governor Janet Mills asked Trump in a phone call Monday to reconsider. She said his visit raises security risks. Trump, who has traveled to several locations manufacturing equipment for handling the pandemic, including masks and ventilators, and has used these trips to give speeches that function as miniature substitutes for his political rallies, would not consent to changing his plans.

In fact, on the call, Trump said that Mills’ attempts to talk him out of his visit only made him more determined to travel to Maine against the governor’s explicit requests.

The company that will be hosting Trump’s visit is expecting $75.5 million in federal funding to accompany his appearance. According to Bangor News, this should enable the company to hire an additional 140 workers and expand their production to an additional facility to meet the nation’s needs for testing swabs during the pandemic.

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