Maggie Haberman: Trump Not in 'Happy Place' and Planning 'Revenge Tour'

Donald Trump was never very happy with the New York Times during his presidency, often saying that the world-famous paper was 'failing.' Trump could never hide his desire to be accepted by the paper, and he often gave access to reporter Maggie Haberman. 

Because of her connection to Trump, Haberman has special insight into the former President's mind and what makes him tick. She appeared on CNN's The Lead this weekend with Phil Mattingly and discussed Trump's current issues. 

The host asked, "You guys wrote a great story, you and Swan and Charlie about his allies are being very explicit about the revenge tour that they would like Trump to go on. How serious is he about that? How much is this focal point for him right now?"

Haberman answered, "It’s very much a focal point for him right now. I mean, again, he was — Sean Hannity, who is a Trump friend, offered him multiple opportunities to say, no, no, no, I don’t think that we should use the system against our enemies and Trump just wouldn’t do it. And he was actually more explicit in that clip you played with Dr. Phil."

The New York Times scribe, "Trump might be tempering somewhat his language publicly, but he is very focused on behind the scenes. He does want to see retribution. He is not in a happy place."