Maggie Haberman: A Lot of Republicans Are Secretly Thrilled That Trump is off Twitter

Donald Trump was one of Twitter’s first major users. And he was able to really use the power of the website to his advantage. Trump, himself, even admitted that he never would have become president if it wasn’t for Twitter.

But following the insurrection that he incited, Trump was banned from the social media site. And that has cost him significant power, now that he can’t go after political opponents in real time. In fact, the New York Times Maggie Haberman said that many GOP lawmaker are tickled by the ban.

Haberman began, “What [Cheney] says about the number of lawmakers who also resent him, who feel as if he has his boot on their necks, who feel as if they’re going to get threatened and are thrilled that he doesn’t have his Twitter feed anymore, that’s real too.”

The New York Times scribe continued, “At the moment, the party’s base is with the former president, and contrary to predictions that that was going to change when he left office, we haven’t seen that. If anything, we have seen the number of Republicans who have, you know, bought into his falsehoods about the last election have also grown.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of CNN:

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