MAGA UFC Fighter Says He Lost Because the Judges Hate Donald Trump [VIDEO]

Ultimate Fighting Championship events are something of a safe space for Donald Trump. At many sporting events, the former President would be booed. And last night, Trump was in attendance to watch his favorite fighter, Colby Covington. 

Covington has made his love for Trump part of his image in the UFC. And the admiration between the two is mutual. The fighter said that if he won the title against Leon Edwards he wanted Trump to put the championship belt on him, saying:

"That would mean everything to me, man. I'm his biggest fan, he's my biggest role model. What better way for him to put the belt around me? … Who better than the most famous person on planet Earth, Donald Trump, to give me the belt?"

Covington has infuriated his opponent prior to the fight by mocking Edwards father who was murdered years ago. Edwards got the last laugh, though, soundly defeating Covington on judges score cards. He said after the fight, "To this day, it still breaks my heart that he was murdered. [Covington] said [my dad] should burn in hell. He’s a great competitor, but he’s just a dirty human being."

The losing fighter, in the most Trump fashion possible, claimed he actually won the fight, telling reporters, "you know, I thought I had the win. I thought I did enough, but the judges have never favored me. They hate me because I support Trump and so does everyone in this building. So it is what it is an life goes on."