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MAGA May Be Trump’s Greatest Con and Putin’s Most Brilliant Move

MAGA May Be Trump’s Greatest Con and Putin’s Most Brilliant Move

Op-ed written by Dr. Joseph J. Jablonski, Jr.

Given the latest stories about an FBI counter-intelligence investigation into Trump’s Russian ties opened after the Comey firing and about Trump’s attempts to keep secret the details of his meetings with Putin, I suggest the following real possibilities.  The MAGA (“Make America Great Again”) slogan was a perfect cover for what Putin and his oligarchs really wanted to do with Trump, which was to destroy America.  With the ongoing shutdown, with no end in sight, Trump is succeeding magnificently at weakening America from within and rendering her vulnerable to attack from without, both of which hearten and embolden Putin.

Trumpsk-yee was the ideal vehicle to accomplish their nefarious ends, for down deep, it appears, Trump really viscerally hated America after US bankers refused to bail him out of looming bankruptcy that would virtually wipe him out.  In the depths of his financial despair, Trump became vulnerable to foreign influence.  Just in the nick of time, the Russians came knocking on Trump’s door with a business proposition, quite like they would do later during the Trump Tower meeting of the 2016 Election: a deal he could not refuse, but one which would effectively mean the Russians would come to own Trump afterward, perhaps even more than they already owned him.  The Russians had financed Trump for many years in various ways, one of the most salient of which was likely “money laundering.”  It made Trump very happy to sell properties to Russian-linked elements for huge amounts of cash on the barrel head up front, many times covering the full amount of the purchase price (perhaps even above it), with the identity of the buyer hidden from the public through shell companies and other devices.  Through prime property paid for by dirty money (Geld stinkt nicht) Putin-connected Russian elements gained a foothold in America and a means to influence its politics to favor Russian interests.  Backing candidates favorable to Russia, like Trump and other candidates for federal office including the Senate and House, with large amounts of money and the latest mass mind manipulation methods, was one way the Russians could shape American policy to serve their interests and develop a winning endgame in the greatest international chess game of all time.

Like the suffering of the Germans as a consequence of the WWI’s Treaty of Versailles, the suffering in the 1980s to the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, was seared into Putin’s soul and many of his compatriots and nationally embodied in what is now the Russian Federation.   A frustrated and ambitious Trump alienated from US bankers, during this same time frame, met, a resentful, vengeful, and ambitious Putin (and his oligarchs).  They all became friends of Trump and Manafort and business partners of both; all of them shared the goal of becoming the richest and most powerful men in history.

The politically astute grandmaster Putin was always, however, one or two moves ahead of a lower IQ Trump, whose main goal was always his own financial betterment, a trait which would prove enormously useful to the Russians in moving their pawn to the highest rank.  Trump’s paramount love for money would make America’s interests necessarily secondary to his own, despite insistent rhetoric to the contrary.

In another sense, Trump became Putin’s perfect Trojan Horse, which would achieve Putin’s greatest political and financial ambitions, while Trump was allowed to make for himself vast sums of money, which Putin knew was the thing most dear to Trump’s heart.

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In part, Putin’s genius consisted in knowing that all Trump ever wanted really was money and that the idea of a Trump presidency, facilitated by Russian meddling and interference, could be sold to Trump as a means to his financial enrichment. Thus, it is not coincidental that these are precisely the terms on which it appears Trump understood his candidacy for President and also now a President Trump understands his role as US President.  For Trump a Trump Presidency was primarily a way to get rich; for Putin, however, it was primarily a way to destroy America from within, given it was impossible to destroy from without.   As evidence for my analysis, I cite the simultaneity of the Trump Tower Moscow deal negotiations during the 2016 election campaign with discussions about how a President Trump might lift US sanctions on the VTB bank, which would have been, it appears, a primary lender of money to finance Trump Moscow.   In addition, I cite the vast mounting evidence of Emoluments Clause abuse since his election, Trump’s interest in lifting sanctions from Deripaska now, Trump’s un-American deference and ostensible fealty to a former Soviet KGB Chief, and the fact that the substance of Trump’s meetings with Putin has been made secret.

I suspect that MAGA must have been something that Russian-linked data analysis geeks tested on certain portions of a targeted American public before Trump adopted MAGA as his own.   Trump’s MAGA seems to be less about making America great than enriching Trump while he weakens America at home and abroad to Putin’s great delight.  Thus, MAGA, in the final analysis, seems more like Putin’s revenge on America for the collapse of the Soviet Union than anything else.

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