“MAGA Life Coach” Compares Masks To Condoms, Says He Won’t Wear Either

Brendan Dilley, who markets himself as a MAGA life coach, and has a political podcast supporting Donald Trump, recently explained why he doesn’t wear a mask — because he also “barely even wore condoms.” It is, he says, why he has three kids.

MAGA coach won't wear masks or condoms
[Screenshot cia The Dilley Show]

Right Wing Watch shared a short clip from a recent episode of The Dilley Show. Dilley is talking about masks, which are recommended for protection against spreading COVID-19. The full episode is titled, in part, “Shamdemic on Steroids,” and that title sets the tone for his view on following safety procedures.

I don’t wear a mask for flu season, I don’t wear a mask for f***ing cold season, I don’t wear a mask — b****, I got f***ing three kids, I barely even wore condoms when I had to!

On his website, Dilley describes himself as a single parent to three children, and describes his life coaching career.

Much of what Brenden writes, speaks about, teaches and trains on revolves around parenting, dating, relationships, self-empowerment, fitness and authenticity.

For fuller context, in the episode, Dilley plays a series of video clips promoting conspiracy theories, including that the hospitals are actually super empty, some anti-vax propaganda, and hydroxychloroquine.

This is why I’ve never backed off of the never-wearing-a-mask thing. I never will. I made fun of it when it started, I made fun of it in the beginning, I make fun of it now, I’m gonna make fun of it all the way to the end…I don’t wear a mask because they don’t do a f***ing thing, and I’m not afraid to deal with a virus that has a 99.7% recovery rate.

Earlier in the episode, Dilley declared, “China lied, people died.” He does not address how this sentiment fits with claims that COVID-19 isn’t really very deadly at all.

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