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MAGA Implosion: Roger Stone Accuses Steve Bannon of “Backstabbing” MyPillow Guy Amid GETTR Controversy

MAGA Implosion: Roger Stone Accuses Steve Bannon of “Backstabbing” MyPillow Guy Amid GETTR Controversy

MAGA is falling apart by the day.

Donald Trump was booed by his own fanbase at his Alabama rally last weekend for telling them to get vaccinated. The January 6th Select Committee has just released a list a mile long demanding the phone records and other information from Trump, his adult children (save for Tiffany), and many of his associates and former staffers. And now, Trump’s advisor, Jason Miller, is embroiled in myriad issues with his new app GETTR, including a new controversy regarding Roger Stone, who’s stirring the MAGA pot by accusing fellow Trump sycophant Steve Bannon of “backtabbing” Mike Lindell, the MyPillow CEO currently failing to get anyone to listen to his ludicrous conspiracies about the 2020 presidential election.

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Stone appeared on a far-right QAnon-themed internet program, and at first, it seemed like an effort to defend the pillow tycoon, whose credibility in TrumpWorld is declining as he repeatedly fails to produce any hard evidence of 2020 election fraud. “I think Mike Lindell has done great work,” Stone told host Jeffrey Pedersen, who goes by the alias “The Matrixx.” “I think he’s been disserved by some of the people working for him. But he’s got a heart of gold. He’s a patriot. His instinct is absolutely correct. He has produced enormous evidence of irregularities in the election.” Lindell’s claims have not only never been verified, he can’t find anyone to give him a platform to broadcast them. Dominion Voting Systems is suing Lindell and his cronies for their continuing campaign to discredit the legitimate results of the election.

On Monday afternoon, Stone said on the far-right Infowars site that he has “never subscribed” to the idea bolstered by Lindell that Trump will be reinstated as president at some point this year. (Lindell originally claimed this would occur in August, and has had to revise his estimate.) “I love Mike Lindell, but there is no legal precedent for that, that I can see,” Stone added. “I still don’t see the election results being reversed.”

Both Stone and Bannon have at various times hawked or promoted Lindell’s products, including sheets, pillows, and dog beds. They now appear to be walking away from Lindell’s extravagant and utterly unproven claims, although both have arguably benefited from proximity to the MyPillow guy’s estimated $300 million net worth.

Meanwhile, Stone was briefly banned from GETTR after multiple fake Roger Stone accounts were suspended following user complaints, but his real GETTR account was inadvertently suspended too. The damage is done, however. Stone blames the ban not on an accident, but as a personal message to him.

“If you were under the illusion that the new social media website Gettr set up by Mueller informant Steve Bannon and his criminal confederate Jason Miller does not engage in censorship, perhaps you can explain why they just suspended my account,” he said. “Bannon is a criminal whose indictment for stealing money will be renewed shortly in New York State. I hear the New York state prisons are particularly rough. Once Bannon is in prison, (Jason) Miller won’t last one week on the street,” he added.



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