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MAGA Host Says He Is Waiting For Trump To Give The Go Ahead To Shoot And Kill Protesters

MAGA Host Says He Is Waiting For Trump To Give The Go Ahead To Shoot And Kill Protesters

Right-wing broadcast host and self-proclaimed ‘life coach” for MAGA fans said something disturbing on his latest video.  Brenden Dilley said that he is waiting for Trump to  “give us the green light” to start murdering protesters. He said the dangerous comments during a Livestream today.

Dilley went on to say, “Someone should politely explain to Antifa [that] the most violent Americans, the most violent and willing Americans, haven’t even left the couch yet.  The most violent and ready to go, the most tactically trained, haven’t even got off the couch yet. So you better pray to God, and I mean this literally—or whoever the fu*k it is you pray to—that Donald J. Trump, President of the United States, and Attorney General Barr clean this up lawfully.”

Dilley continued, “If for any reason the President of the United States feels that it’s not getting done the way it should and decides to put out the tweet that says, ‘My fellow Americans, my fellow 2A-loving Americans, it’s time to take up arms against these a**holes,’ you are all fu*ked in under an hour. [We’re] waiting for that one tweet, that one emergency text message from the fu*king president of the United States that gives us the green light to finish this entire thing in under an hour.”

He concluded, “It will not be law enforcement. It will not be one of these slow, bureaucratic, justice system wheels of justice turning,” Dilley concluded. “It’ll be a group of people you didn’t even know fucking existed because we were at our houses, we got off work, we were with our families, but we were ready for that call. And if that call ever does come, you will be fu*ked seven ways from Sunday. So I suggest you back down.”

Many on the right have expressed hatred for those protesting the police killing of George Floyd. Protests have also erupted in front of the White House which drove President Trump to hide in his bunker.

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We will see if Dilley gets his wish.


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