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MAGA Disappointed To Learn Elon Musk Won’t Be Reinstating Donald Trump

MAGA Disappointed To Learn Elon Musk Won’t Be Reinstating Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s supporters have spent a week of excited hope, genuinely believing that Elon Musk’s financial investment in Twitter would result in the former president being reinstated to the site (similarly to the way they keep believing, against all evidence, that he’ll be ‘reinstated’ to the presidency). Now they’re in a state of letdown after the big announcement that Musk won’t be joining Twitter’s board or making any key decisions.

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Since the news that Musk had bought a significant share (about 9%) of Twitter stock, the far-right has built a fantasy world in which Trump — who recently released his own social media site that spokespeople assure us is far better than Twitter — can tweet again. They called for Musk to “bring back Trump,” and for protecting what they refer to as free speech, which they bring up whenever the private company bans one of them for rule-breaking.

Sure enough, Twitter announced that Musk had been invited to join its board, which would have potentially given him additional input. However, that particular rug was snatched out from under the feet of the Trump Camp as quickly as it was rolled out.

Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal released a statement saying that there had been a mutual decision that Musk would not be joining the board, following a discussion of his obligation to act in the best interest of the company and shareholders and a background check.

Somewhere in that the agreement fell through, it seems, and Agrawal says, “Elon shared that same morning that he will no longer be joining the board. I believe this is for the best.”

Now MAGA is dealing with disappointment again.

Marjorie Taylor Greene tweeted to let her followers know that her voters don’t use the site, that she thinks its stupid, and that people who think otherwise should get a life.

No independent testing has been done to determine just how sour those grapes really are.

Lauren Boebert, meanwhile, still seems to think there’s a chance.

She’s not the only one who still seems to think this is part of the big secret “plan.”

As for Elon, well, he’s busy still tweeting to complain about the things he doesn’t like about Twitter — all the things that Trump fans really believed he was going to change for them.

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