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MAGA Desperately Needs Adherents To Not Watch January 6th Hearings

MAGA Desperately Needs Adherents To Not Watch January 6th Hearings

The January 6th Committee has indicated that they have enough information and evidence to present through public trials to convince a viewer that what happened during the electoral vote confirmation in 2021 implicates the former president. There’s every indication that Donald Trump thinks so too — and he and his allies are desperate to keep any potentially sympathetic eye for watching it.

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Throughout the process, Trump has attacked the committee, declaring it biased and politically-motivated, as he’s done with virtually every other entity that has ever investigated his alleged criminal activity. Now, information leaked to Axios confirms that there is a concerted and coordinated effort underway to provide alternative viewing, so that anyone who might be on the fence about his culpability has no chance to be swayed.

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To that end, they’re planning counter-programming on conservative networks, so anyone who feels the urge to know what’s happening in the hearings can tune in to someone giving their own account, rather than the hearing itself. This will consist of Trump’s most popular sycophants blaring the view that the hearings are ‘rigged’ and ‘unfair’ throughout all available platforms, from social media to podcasts to news channels.

They’ll also be attempting to divert the conversation by talking about gas prices, baby formula, and other issues on which they can point fingers at Democrats and suggest they, rather than an insurrectionist political party, are the biggest problem.

Vox even obtained a copy of a memo circulated by the Republican National Committee, telling MAGA what to say to subvert the hearings. These include claiming that Democrats are “the real election deniers,” and hinting that this investigation is illegitimate, since law enforcement has also been investigating.

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