Madonna’s Instagram Flagged For Sharing Breitbart Conspiracy Video

Madonna has never been one to shy away from controversy, but she’s now actively courting it by spreading misinformation regarding the coronavirus. Instagram has flagged the legend performer’s account for sharing the misleading Breitbart video and its outlandish claims.

“The truth will set us all free!” Madonna wrote beneath the video. “But some people don’t want to hear the truth. Especially the people in power who stand to make money from this long drawn-out search for a vaccine. Which has been proven and has been available for months. They would rather let fear control them and let the rich get richer and the poor and sick get sicker.”

Fellow performer Annie Lennox called out her 80s rival on her claims in the comment section, saying her claims are “utter madness” and that Madonna is “endorsing…dangerous quackery.”

The video has also been removed from Facebook and Twitter for its misleading claims that hydroxychloroquine is a cure, something that has been disproved again and again by leading epidemiologists. It’s believed that Trump’s continuous push of the drug as a cure is tied to his own financial gains.

Conspiracy theories about the Coronavirus seem to get more press than the actual facts about it, which is problematic at a time when mask mandates have been politicized and the US’s statistics show we’re outpacing all other countries. As of July 29th, over 4 million documented cases have been reported, and more than 150,000 deaths have been attributed to the virus.

At the opposite end of the celebrity spectrum, John Oliver has created a website to debunk Coronavirus myths and make it easier for doubters to get the facts for themselves.


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