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Madison Cawthorn’s Hometown Newspaper Calls On House Republicans to Censure Him

Madison Cawthorn’s Hometown Newspaper Calls On House Republicans to Censure Him

Comments made by Rep. Madison Cawthorn (Q-NC) about “bloodshed” and future protests in Washington, D.C., continue to draw condemnation from Democrats and other political insiders. Now Cawthorn’s hometown paper is calling for a formal rebuke of his comments, which some have called incitement to street vigilantism and an open invitation for right-wing groups to take up arms against Democrats.

The editorial board of The Charlotte Observer released a scathing op-ed saying that it’s time for Republicans in the state to rein in the freshman congressman. “His fellow Republicans, including those in North Carolina, should respond,” the paper argued. “They should join Democrats in condemning Cawthorn and, in a bipartisan effort, censuring him in the U.S. House.”

Madison Cawthorn and antivax right-wingers slow votes
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The paper characterized Cawthorn as an example of how polarized that the country is that voters would rather vote for someone like him “with a glaringly thin resume and bloated history of lying” than voting for a Democrat and cited “antics” from Cawthorn like his “formal request that the U.S. cabinet invokes the 25th Amendment” to remove President Joe Biden. It isn’t something a member of Congress can “formally” do. The same request drew ridicule because Cawthorn couldn’t even spell Vice President Kamala Harris correctly or get the address to the VP office right.

But some within his own party are already echoing the paper’s sentiments, including Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming, who was just named the Vice-Chair of the January 6th Select Committee.

Cawthorn has also taken up the right’s narrative on both COVID19 and the Afghanistan evacuation, calling masks “anti-science” and announced that Democrats want to arm Taliban fighters with automatic weapons. He told Americans that “we all need to be storing up some ammunition,” in response. That speech concluded with Cawthorn saying he may be forced to “take up arms against the United States”, an outright violation of his oath of office.

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In the past, hyperbolic rants from Republicans promising to take up arms would be dismissed as playing to their base. But after Jan. 6, such words have a different context. After all, the same Madison Cawthorn who called Capitol invaders “disgusting” is now saying they are “political prisoners.”

Read the full editorial demanding Cawthorn being censured here.

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