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Madison Cawthorn: Me and Others Are Going to Eliminate Non-Conservatives in the GOP [VIDEO]

Madison Cawthorn: Me and Others Are Going to Eliminate Non-Conservatives in the GOP [VIDEO]

At any time, there 435 members of the House of Representatives. And there vary from far-right to far-left and everything in between. But now that Donald Trump is in control of the GOP, some in the party insist that all Reps in the party are far-right.

ORLANDO, FLORIDA – FEBRUARY 26: Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) addresses the Conservative Political Action Conference being held in the Hyatt Regency on February 26, 2021 in Orlando, Florida. Begun in 1974, CPAC brings together conservative organizations, activists, and world leaders to discuss issues important to them. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Kevin McCarthy has largely avoided the fact that 13 Republicans voted for Joe Biden’s infrastructure bill. The lunatics in the GOP, though, have not. During a recent town hall, Madison Cawthorn said he and his group would eliminate non-Conservatives from the GOP.

The North Carolina Rep. claimed:

“And, you know, there is a concerted effort from about 40 or 50 of us to try and eliminate the non-Conservative members of the Republican party or just push them further to the right. And so, there is an effort going on, but the National party says, ‘oh no, you can’t do that, you have to be hands off.’ But I don’t believe in that, so I’m endorsing several opponents that are going against Republican incumbents. Because, these people that I’m going against are not Republicans. They are Republicans in name only.”

Democrats are going to have a hard time keeping control of the House in 2022. But it will become easier if the GOP runs more extremist candidates like Cawthorn or Marjorie Taylor Greene.

See a clip of the comments from Cawthorn below, courtesy of Patriot Takes:

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