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Madison Cawthorn Is Now Using Ukraine Injury Photos To Attack Biden

Madison Cawthorn Is Now Using Ukraine Injury Photos To Attack Biden

Since Madison Cawthorn was elected to Congress, he hasn’t stopped using social media to troll and say anything that might get a rise out of supporters and critics alike. The Russian invasion of Ukraine hasn’t changed that — in fact, Cawthorn is now using victim photos in his trolling.

[Photo By Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images]

What’s lower than reducing a victim of violence to a political tool for attacking the President of the United States? If you think of anything, don’t let Madison Cawthorn know. Here’s a screenshot of his Instagram story, captured by PatriotTakes, showing a photo of an injured, bandaged woman — emblazoned with the text, “This is Joe Biden’s fault.”

Cawthorn has been very clear on his belief that Biden’s presidency is to blame for Putin’s actions. He tweeted as much Thursday morning, saying that the invasion would never have taken place if Donald Trump was still in office.

The sentiment, however, isn’t going over well with the general public in the U.S. While there is certainly a significant movement of MAGA Republicans who are (always) ready to blame Biden, there’s a lot of pushback.

Americans are speaking out to say that defending Putin, or even protecting him by placing the blame for his actions on someone else, is an inappropriate response to the invasion of Ukraine — especially from an elected representative, like Cawthorn.

Still, Cawthorn tries to stay closely aligned with Donald Trump, and Trump was criticized throughout his presidency for his admiration of Putin — so while it’s not acceptable to a lot of Americans, it’s certainly not out of character for the North Carolina Republican.

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