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Madison Cawthorn Is Going Back To Court As N.C. (Again) Considers Bannng Him From Ballot

Madison Cawthorn Is Going Back To Court As N.C. (Again) Considers Bannng Him From Ballot

Can you support a full-scale attempted insurrection and still be considered a candidate for U.S. Government? Asking for Madison Cawthorn, and the court that will have to decide whether that’s an accurate description of his actions, and whether those actions bar him from Congress.

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If it sounds like deja vu, that’s because of the court system of appeals that allows the opportunity to overturn a decision from a lower court. Crooks & Liars reports that, while Cawthorn was initially successful in convincing a court that he shouldn’t be barred from the ballot based on his (alleged) bad behavior, an appeals court is allowing the case to move forward. By necessity the process will be expedited — oral arguments are scheduled for May 3rd, less than a month away, but Cawthorn’s primary is May 17th, only two weeks later.

Cawthorn has portrayed the entire saga as a politically-motivated attack, but has also indicated that he thinks the outcome depends predominantly on the political affiliations of judges. As you can see in the clip below, before the first round in court, he held high hopes because of his counter-suit “in a Federal court with a good Trump-appointed judge,” but that he feared the case making it to the North Carolina Supreme Court — “a very liberal haven for the Democrats.”

Even if this case is decided in Cawthorn’s favor, the fact that he has half a dozen primary challengers suggests that Republicans know he might not be a sure thing, and his antics in Congress (including telling the world that his older colleagues are inviting him to drug-fueled orgies) aren’t exactly winning him popularity in D.C.

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The Carolina Journal recently reported that Cawthorn’s race has gotten closer. Though he’s still leading by a significant amount, these polls showing loss of support, followed by a possible removal from the ballot only days before the primary, all add up to a hefty re-election challenge for the youngest candidate to make it to Congress in over half a century.

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