Maddow to Biden: It’s Time to Stop Trying to Work With GOP Lawmakers (VIDEO)

Joe Biden has spent the first part of his term trying to reach across the aisle, but Rachel Maddow says it’s time to stop wasting his time.

Michael Brochstein/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

For Donald Trump’s entire term, Republicans laughed at the notion of working with their Democratic counterparts. Biden, however, has spent a long time in government and has many friends on the right side of the aisle. He promised to work to get their votes on legislation.

There is very little chance of that, though. Mitch McConnell has unified his senators against working with the President. And Rachel Maddow says it’s time for Biden to move on.

The MSNBC host told her viewers, “News flash: there won’t be any Republican votes. He doesn’t have to do any of those things.”

Maddow continued:

“The Republicans are promising, they are saying out loud and ahead of time, that no matter what is in the bill, no matter what talks happen or don’t, no matter how nicely anyone talks to them or about them, there will be zero Republican votes for what Joe Biden wants to do. Zero Republican votes promised in advance for infrastructure, for the American Families Plan, zero, none, no matter what talks happen.”

The host closed by saying of Republicans, “Now we can stop wasting time wondering what you’ll do. You’ve told us in advance. It also means we don’t need to spend time trying to persuade you. This is a blessing for the Democrats.”

Watch a clip of the comments below, courtesy of MSNBC:

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