Maddow Guest Warns Congress Could ‘Close Down’ Due To Coronavirus

President Donald Trump has been doing everything he can to quell the effects of the coronavirus outbreak on anything that could stop his re-election bid.

He has said it is a hoax; he appointed Vice President Mike Pence, the man who has actually spread a plague when he was chief executive of the state of Indiana, as the czar to contain the disease; and, he’s said the stock markets is great even as it continues to plummet.

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This week, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow had a guest on her program who actually has expertise in the area of infectious disease, and the prognosis is not good if the nation continues on this track. In fact, Donald G. McNeil, Jr., who reports on science and health for the New York Times, says that the virus will soon infect Congress and shut down the United States government, given that Congress is a public setting.

McNeil said of the dire situation:

“Unfortunately, eventually we’ll be where Iran was, there’ll be large numbers of unexplained cases…We’ll have a lot of them and then one-third of Congress will get it probably.”

McNeil added, “They’ll have to close down a lot of things, including our parliament — it’s a public meeting.”

Well, if that is true, then we better fasten our seatbelts, folks.

We have Vice President Mike Pence heading up the task force to stop this thing, but the only thing he and other Republicans in the United States government seem to be worried about is making Donald Trump look good in the heat of a crisis as he tries to get re-elected to the presidency. Otherwise, we have the Trump Administration pretending the whole thing just isn’t happening.

Hillary Clinton warned us in 2016: this is just more proof that Donald Trump is not and never was qualified to be President of the United States. The only reason the nation is still functioning and we are all still alive is the fact that he has not faced a real international crisis — until now.

God help us all.

Watch the interview below:

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