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Mad That He Asked to be Paid for Legal Work, Trump has “Cut-Off” Rudy Giuliani

Mad That He Asked to be Paid for Legal Work, Trump has “Cut-Off” Rudy Giuliani

For years Rudy Giuliani has been considered a toxic figure in the GOP. Once a revered mayor of one of America’s biggest cities, Giuliani has devolved into a walking punchline. With so few Republicans willing to work with him, though, Trump decided to keep the lawyer around.

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And when Trump decided to fight the election results of 2020, he used Giuliani as his point man. The fight wasn’t only unsuccessful, it was deeply embarrassing. Then Giuliani sent the former president a bill. According to a new report, that bill made Trump decide to cut his former friend off.

The report comes from Landslide: The Final Days of the Trump Presidency, an upcoming book from Michael Wolff. The author writes,

“Trump is annoyed that he [Giuliani] tried to get paid for his election challenge work. Giuliani, now beset by crushing investigations and potentially millions of dollars in legal costs, has publicly implored the Trump family and aides … to have the Trump campaign, with its great wealth, indemnify him – and has gotten only the cold shoulder.”

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Wolff also notes that Trump has been asking if anyone knows of quality lawyers who could help him continue his election fight. With his history of stiffing anyone who works with him, though, it is unlikely that there will be any takers.

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