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Mad Money’s Cramer: Wall St. Wants to Stop Elizabeth Warren From Winning

Mad Money’s Cramer: Wall St. Wants to Stop Elizabeth Warren From Winning

Elizabeth Warren

Wall St. executives rely on a certain type of President in order to make the most money possible. A President like Donald Trump, who is anti-regulation, is a positive for the financial sector. Trump’s recent tax cut was also beneficial to many of this highest earners in the financial world.

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Elizabeth Warren, who is running for the 2020 Democratic nomination, is at the opposite side of the spectrum. Today, Mad Money’s Jim Cramer said that Warren’s success so far in the Democratic race has many bigwigs worried. So worried, in fact, that Cramer says they want to stop her from winning.

During his Squawk on the Street segment, Cramer said of the candidate, “When you get off the desk and talk to executives, they’re more fearful of her winning.” The host also said that he’s hearing things like, “she needs to be stopped.”

Cramer remarked that Warren is “a compelling figure on the stump,” and guessed that she will win in Iowa. “It would be a suboptimal situation for the banks” if she won, continued the host.

Correspondent David Faber added, “It’s another reason why companies are being implored to do things now … because come early to mid-2020 if Elizabeth Warren is rolling along, everybody is going to be like, ‘That’s it.”

One person who was quick to celebrate Cramer’s segment was Warren herself. The Massachusetts Senator tweeted out the Squawk on the Street segment and wrote, “I’m Elizabeth Warren and I approve this message.”

You can watch Cramer’s entire video below:

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