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Macron’s Handshake With Donald Trump Was A Game Of One-upmanship

Macron’s Handshake With Donald Trump Was A Game Of One-upmanship

Donald Trump has been sensitive about his hands ever since they were deemed “tiny” by hundreds of thousands of Twitter users. Oddly, Trump’s hands have been under a national spotlight on more than one occasion. Take for example last July when the 45th POTUS locked hands with French President Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frédéric Macron for a full 29 seconds during a Bastille Day celebration.

The pair attended the G7 summit in La Malbaie, Quebec last week and once again their handshake become an odd focal point for a brief second.

This time around, Macron was prepared for Trump’s long embrace and served up a little bit of his own style of ferocity. The handshake lasted less than 10 seconds but Mr. Macron clearly put the squeeze on the 71-year-old billionaire.

As Macron tightly gripped Trump’s hand he gave a wink to the camera during the course of the handshake. Pulling his hand away, it was immediately clear he left a white mark on the President’s hand. Mr. Macron then jokingly raised his fists in a boxing stance.

The grip is a very different viewpoint of both men’s relationship with each other. Macron and Trump have been described over the last 18 months of having something like a “bromance.”

Despite what was obviously a very fierce attempt at dominance, Trump quickly quipped that they two men, “… have a very really good relationship, very special.”

Here’s the event as it unfolded courtesy of Anna Massoglia of  .

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