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Macron Asked Putin Not To Meet With Trump – They Did Anyway According to Putin

Macron Asked Putin Not To Meet With Trump – They Did Anyway According to Putin

As if President Trump’s visit to France this weekend wasn’t surrounded by enough controversy already, a new report coming from RT indicates that French President Emmanuel Macron had a specific request for Mr. Putin. That request, according to Putin himself, was that he not meet with the president one-on-one during the World War I commemorative event in Paris.

Macron’s request was made because the French president didn’t want to be upstaged at the commemorative event, according to the Russian newspaper Kommersant.  It also came amidst a last minute seating rearrangement which made sure that the two leaders did not sit together at the commemorative event in Paris.

“We will agree that we will not violate the schedule of the host party here: at their request, we will not organize any meetings here,” Putin told the press.

Within just an hour of making that comment, Putin told other reporters that he did in fact briefly meet with Mr. Trump.

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Throughout the weekend, which also happened to be Veterans Day weekend and the 243rd year since the US Marine Corps were founded, President Trump had been criticized for not attending an event to honor fallen soldiers, apparently due to weather.

There is no word from either the Kremlin or the White House regarding what was said between Trump and Putin at the event.  However, regardless of what was said, it’s sure to upset both the French as well as many Americans here at home.

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