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Lucky if No One Gets Hurt: Watch John Oliver Shreds the GOP Over Arizona Recount

Lucky if No One Gets Hurt: Watch John Oliver Shreds the GOP Over Arizona Recount

While the Arizona election recount has become a widely mocked spectacle the HBO host is hoping that it doesn’t result in violence.

Photo Credit: Tech Crunch

The state of Arizona, long a Republican stronghold, has become increasingly purple over the last few years. The states two senators, Kyrsten Sinema and Mark Kelly, are Democrats. And in November, Joe Biden carried the state by a little over 10,000 votes.

Republicans in the state like Attorney General Mark Brnovich and Governor Doug Ducey acknowledged Donald Trump’s defeat. But many others couldn’t accept the results and are holding a highly partisan and increasingly ridiculous recount. John Oliver mocked the participants over the weekend.

The host began, “It is genuinely insane to swoop into a county that, remember, has already done multiple audits of its election count finding no evidence of fraud with the attitude of, ‘Ok, but what if we do it sh*tty this time?'”

Oliver continued, “The problem is though, that the people behind this recount aren’t going to be convinced unless the results swing their way. We know this is true, because, again, there have already been multiple audits conducted in Maricopa County and they weren’t convinced by the results.”

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The host closed by saying that Arizona is, “playing a dangerous game, and things are probably only going to get more volatile. It’s pathetically desperate and we’ll all be lucky if nobody seriously gets hurt.”


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