“Loyalty-Oath Atmosphere” — Trump Admin Demanding Names Of DOD Appointees Who Cheered Exiting Policy Official

Donald Trump’s presidency has been steeped in an atmosphere of demands for loyalty, to such a degree that James Comey and Michael Cohen, bookending the beginning and end of Trump’s term, both center their narratives of their White House experiences on that word. Now, the administration is reportedly imploding with demands for loyalty to one leader over party and country alike, even demanding a list of names of people who merely clapped for an official who had handed in his resignation, so they can also be fired.

[Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images]

Defense News reported this week that the “shakeup” at the Department of Defense is leading civilians in policy and intelligence positions to resign in protest. Defense Secretary Mark Esper was asked by the administration to submit a resignation, and others are following him out. Acting Undersecretary of Defense James Anderson is a part of this shakeup, to the apparent disappointment of others within the DOD.

In fact, according to Bill Kristol, who says he spoke to senior officials within the DOD Tuesday night, when Anderson left the building he was given a “clap-out” by his colleagues in support. The White House is now demanding a list of those names so that they can be fired.

Politico reports that retired Brigadier General Anthony Tata, who will now be heading policy, was actually previously nominated by Trump. However, his nomination led to the uncovering of tweets in which he called President Barack Obama a “terrorist leader,” and spouted other attacks directed at religious demographics, female congressional leadership, and shared conspiracy theories.

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