Loyal Trump Republican Ready To Initiate “Ugly” Power Struggle Against Republican Critics If Biden Wins

House Republicans who are dedicated to President Trump are prepared to go to war with Republicans who they see as enemies of Trump if Biden takes the presidency in November. POLITICO published the details about the House Freedom Caucus preparing to take down members of their own party. One lawmaker from the GOP said, “Not sure [Reps. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and Steve Scalise (R-LA)] are prepared to be in the minority and with a Dem President.” They added, “Members are already beyond frustrated. That will boil up and get more ugly.”

GOP Conference Chairwoman Rep. Liz Cheney already has a target on her back due to her vocal defense of Dr. Fauci when it comes to his knowledge of the coronavirus. Another GOP lawmaker said, “I think this is all about what’s gonna happen in November. The Freedom Caucus guys are trying to put [Cheney] back in her corner.” The lawmaker also pointed out that Cheney is playing “the long game” and they expect her to win in the end.

The GOP lawmaker also pointed out that problems are going to be inevitable with the GOP suffers a devasting loss in November. They said, “I think there is going to be a problem in leadership if there’s a loss.”

If polls are any indication, the Republican Party stands a good chance of losing more seats in the House, as well as, losing control of the Senate. The question is whether the GOP can bounce back from a loss in November.

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