Louis DeJoy Unable To Answer Basic USPS Operations Questions

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy answered questions from a Senate panel on Friday and returned to testify before a House panel on Monday. Friday’s interview was characterized by Senators apologizing to DeJoy for taking his time, and expressing appreciation for taking on a hard job. The House panel wasn’t as gentle. Representative Katie Porter, of California, took the time to ask DeJoy a series of questions about United States Postal Service operations — and highlighted his inability to answer many of them.

Louis DeJoy was unable to answer basic postal operations questions
[Photo by Tom Williams-Pool/Getty Images]

Porter opened with some basic questions about day-to-day postal operations, beginning with prices. Though DeJoy was able to tell her the price of a postage stamp, he couldn’t state the price of a postcard, or what extra postage a greeting card might cost.

“I’ll submit that I know very little about postage stamps,” he admitted.

“You’re more in the shipping, logistics business. What’s the weight limit for priority mail?” Porter asked. Though DeJoy fired off an answer for this one, he couldn’t answer the next question — the starting rate (cost) for USPS priority mail.

Nor could he respond to election-related questions. “Within a million or so, can you tell me how many people voted by mail in the last presidential election?” When DeJoy couldn’t answer, Porter gave him more wiggle room, inviting him to give a number within the nearest ten million.

“I would be guessing, and I don’t want to guess.”

DeJoy will, in just weeks, be overseeing the USPS procedures and standards in delivering absentee ballots, as well as other mail directly and indirectly related to the 2020 elections.

Pressed on whether he would resign if he was found to have financial ties that would be ruled conflicts of interest in his control of the USPS, DeJoy would not affirm a willingness to do so.

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