Louie Gohmert’s Daughter: Trump Has No Remorse For Leading Followers Into An Early Grave

Louie Gohmert’s daughter is speaking out after her father’s COVID-19 diagnosis. She says that the situation is heartbreaking, and she doesn’t want her father to die, but that she hopes others will take warning and follow the advice of medical experts, rather than that of the president.

Louie Gohmert daughter says don't be like dad, wear a mask
[Photo by Matt McClain / POOL / AFP via Getty Images]

Gohmert’s daughter Caroline is a musician who publishes her work under the name BELLSAINT. She previously made headlines with a song called “Much Like My Father,” which raised speculation about whether the lyrics were referring to Gohmert, as RollCall reported in November. The lines include, “There’s poison in the water/You get away with everything/Just like my father.”

Now she’s making a public statement about her father’s choices.

Wearing a mask is a non-partisan issue. The advice of medical experts shouldn’t be politicized. My father ignored medical expertise and now he has COVID. This has been a heartbreaking battle [because] I love my dad and I don’t want him to die. Please listen to medical experts. It’s not worth following a president who has no remorse for leading his followers into an early grave.

After his positive test, Gohmert reportedly insisted on going into his office to tell his staff in person. He later said that he had been wearing a mask over the past few weeks, and thought he might have somehow gotten sick from the mask. (Spoiler: Dr. Fauci says that’s highly unlikely.)

Gohmert’s case is apparently asymptomatic, and he only learned that he had contracted the virus because he was scheduled to join Trump on a trip to Texas, and was tested before the trip.

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