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Lou Dobbs Wants a Mob to Stalk Vote Counters in Philadelphia

Lou Dobbs Wants a Mob to Stalk Vote Counters in Philadelphia

President Donald Trump’s conservative media talking heads are getting desperate in their attempts to discredit the election, because as the ballots roll in, a Trump victory appears to be slipping away. This is especially true in Pennsylvania, a swing state with 20 Electoral College votes that Trump narrowly carried in 2016 over Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Fox News host Lou Dobbs said Wednesday night that he wants to see “a mob” loom over vote counters in Philadelphia and its surrounding suburbs, an area that tends to favor Democrats which could, when the all votes are counted, put former Vice President Joe Biden into the White House.

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That is, of course, precisely what Trump and his henchmen are scrambling to prevent from happening.

Speaking with Eric Eggers, a “researcher” for right-wing organizations like the Government Accountability Institute, Dobbs frantically tried to have his baseless claims of widespread voter fraud validated.

“Give us a sense of just how widespread, if you would quickly, how widespread is fraud in this country, across this country in elections?” Dobbs asked of Eggers.

“Well, what I think we’re all realizing, unfortunately in real time, Lou, is that fraud doesn’t even have to be that widespread to literally swing a presidential election given the margins that we’re seeing in such important swing states throughout the country, 10 – 10,000 votes or fewer can have a dramatic impact. And unfortunately, that’s exactly what we’re seeing in Pennsylvania right now,” Eggers said. “Sadly, we shouldn’t really be surprised, right? I mean, we should all want every legal vote to count and only legal votes to count, but Pennsylvania’s track record is the opposite of that.”

There is no evidence of widespread voter fraud in Pennsylvania (or anywhere in the nation).

“Philadelphia looks like a cesspool electorally. Why in the world wouldn’t the Republicans surround that thing and, if you will, you know, at least apply a little, what would you call it, some sort of scent? A lot of observation and a real rigorous, demanding presence in those counting rooms and the polls themselves?” asked Dobbs.

What Dobbs is recommending is voter intimidation, a felony. So too is encouraging it. Nevertheless, Eggers told Dobbs what he wanted to hear.

“Well, you’re exactly right, Lou. And I’m not a lawyer, so I can’t speak to what the legal strategy was going into the election,” Eggers replied. “But anybody that’s been paying attention to election integrity issues in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania generally knows that there’s been problems. Remember, Philadelphia literally had an elections official arrested for stuffing ballot boxes earlier this year” (it was a judge, and fewer than 100 ballots were involved).

“And don’t forget that in 2016 after the election, the secretary of state, otherwise known as the state’s top election official,” Eggers continued, “was actually fired over presiding over a system that permitted illegal aliens to vote” (this is, unsurprisingly, a gross mischaracterization of the facts).

An analysis by WHYY-FM in 2018 explains:

If there are 100,000 noncitizens registered to vote, it would amount to about 30 percent of the noncitizens of voting age living the state, according to Census Bureau estimates.

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Also, I’ve seen no evidence that large numbers of noncitizens have actually voted.

The Department of State reports that the 1,160 noncitizens who cancelled their registration when they realized their mistake cast a total of 544 ballots since 2000, in elections in which more than 93 million votes were cast.

Eggers lives in his own reality.

“So this is not new for Pennsylvania, and that’s why I think people that have been paying attention had concerns about Philadelphia and unfortunately those concerns proved to be very well founded,” he said.

Watch below, courtesy of Media Matters:

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