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WATCH: Lou Dobbs Blast Steve Scalise for Voting Against Trump on Syria

WATCH: Lou Dobbs Blast Steve Scalise for Voting Against Trump on Syria

There are very few things that Republicans and Democrats can agree on. One of those things is that Donald Trump’s Syria decision was shortsighted. In a bi-partisan vote on Wednesday, the House voted to condemn Donald Trump’s decision to pull troops from Northern Syria.

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Only 60 House members voted again the measure with 354 lawmakers in support. One of the Republicans for the measure was Steve Scalise. The Louisiana congressman appeared on Lou Dobbs show tonight where the host blasted him for going against Donald Trump.

Dobbs told Scalise that he should vote in support of the President no matter what. “Isn’t it time to start following this president, the host asked. “I don’t understand it. The Republicans — I would think you guys would say, ‘You know, Nancy Pelosi is for it, I sure as Hell better be against it!”

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Scalise attempted to respond with the numerous instances where he and other Republicans stood with Trump. This didn’t sway Dobbs who continued, “Do you think the voters, congressman, are going to ask a congressman running for reelection what did you do for the president at the moment at which he needed the greatest support, that he needed people standing shoulder to shoulder with him instead of voting with the damn Democrats on a resolution.”

The host ended the segment with one more question and a knock against a South Carolina senator. “You just went against 57 percent of the folks in that poll,” Dobbs said. “You went against the president who’s been right on issue after issue, as you just itemized… How in the world can you comfortably line up with Lindsey Graham?”


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