Lordy There Are Tapes: Omarosa Secretly Recorded Trump in White House

According to an exclusive story by The Daily Beast, former ‘Apprentice’ contestant and aide to President Trump, Omarosa Manigault-Newman secretly recorded conversations with the president within the walls of the White House.

Sources who remain anonymous tell The Daily Beast that several conversations within the West Wing exist, including some between Trump and Manigault-Newman.  As far as what is on the tapes, or whether the contents could hurt the President’s image in any way, details remain vague.

According sources, the discussions on the tapes that they heard are more or less everyday chatter rather than anything of substance.  We are not sure if these sources were able to listen to all of the recordings or just some of them though.

The White House claimed that Omarosa had “limited contact” with Mr. Trump during her time in the White House.  Regardless though, the thought of more recordings existing of himself speaking in private, has to make the president question the loyalty of those around him.

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