Long-Time ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Staffer Levels More Accusations At Trump: Providing Underage Girls, Drugs, To Rich Businessmen

Longtime Celebrity Apprentice staffer Noel Casler says that during his six seasons on the show, he witnessed a lot of behavior from the Trump family that would shock their supporters. He tells of drug addiction, racist rants, and interactions with underaged girls that range from merely inappropriate to sexual assault and harassment, to rape. On Monday, he said that in the 1990s, rich businessmen who wanted drugs and teenage girls knew Trump was the man to provide them.

Apprentice staffer says trump Plaza drugs girls
John Casablancas and Donald Trump (Photo by Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images)

Noel Casler, currently a comedian by trade, has a lot to say about Donald Trump, and he’s been saying it, openly, for years. Law firm Phillips & Hunt speculated last year on why Trump has taken no legal action, despite Casler’s non-disclosure agreement, suggesting that it could be as simple as a technical error in the NDA, or that Trump might not have enforcement power over an Apprentice NDA.

Casler’s unverified disclosures certainly fall into the category of ‘disparaging,’ by anyone’s definition. In the last week alone, he’s leveled accusations that cocaine was sold in Trump’s casinos, that Trump had 16-year-old Ivanka give him lap dances, and had Jeff Epstein provide him with 13-year-old girls who looked like his daughter, and of drug abuse, among others.

Monday morning, though, Casler shared a Guardian article covering how teen models say Trump interacted with them as he joined Elite Model Management’s John Casablancas at parties, hosted events in his hotels, and judged pageants himself. The details come from the women themselves. One participant, 14 at the time, says she was ordered to take off her coat and dance for Trump and Casablancas. Another says she was 17 when Trump asked her out in 1989. (Trump turned 43 that year.) “I said [I was] 17 and he said, ‘That’s just great – you’re not too old, not too young.’”

Trump has disputed having had a close friendship with Casablancas, who he says he barely knew. The two can be seen together in the photo at the top of this page.

Adding his own commentary to the article, Noel Casler asserts that Trump’s Plaza hotel was the place to go, and Donald Trump and John Casablancas were the men to seek out, for wealthy businessmen seeking drugs and underaged girls.

Noel Casler says he gave all his information to the Hillary Clinton team during the 2016 election campaign, despite the non-disclosure agreement. After the election, he used stories about Trump in his stand-up routine. Since joining Twitter, Casler has shared much more of what he says he witnessed behind the scenes at Celebrity Apprentice, with Adderall snorting, use of racial epithets by Trump, illiteracy, and incontinence being some of his most oft-repeated themes. He says he’s tried to get others to break their NDAs, and asserts that Trump never sues when he knows the information being shared is true.

He’s hardly the only person to say that Trump’s behavior on set would be damaging if released, though. Penn Jillette said in 2018 that producer Mark Burnett is in possession of recordings of Trump saying racist and misogynistic things. “Every ten minutes was like nails on a chalkboard,” Jillette told Vulture. Actor Tom Arnold hosted a Vice series called The Hunt For The Trump Tapes, talking to people who say they’ve heard and seen Trump exhibit horrendous behavior.

The alleged tapes have never surfaced, though, and if other staffers have evidence of what Noel Casler says he witnessed, they aren’t sharing it. Trump has denied ever using the racial slur that was purportedly caught on tape. However, last month a federal judge did order the release of unaired footage, according to the L.A.Times. The order is being appealed, so it’s still uncertain if the material will ever be public, or, whether, if it’s released, it will verify the long list of allegations about Trump’s backstage behavior.

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