Loeffler, Perdue, Try To Dodge Election Controversy — As Trump Drags Them Into It

For four years, one key to GOP success has been to walk in lockstep with Donald Trump. With his election loss, his influence on the party seems to be shifting, but failing to stand with him still earns the ire of right-wing voters. What does that mean for two candidates whose elections are still on the line, if they have to choose between vocally supporting the president, or assuring their own supporters that a vote cast for them will be counted?

Loeffler and Perdue prepare for Trump rally
[Photo by Megan Varner/Getty Images)]

Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue, the two Senate candidates from Georgia who face their election on Tuesday, are in a particular conundrum. As the Washington Post reports, they’re trying not to get nailed too tightly to any particular position on the outcome of the Presidential election in their state.

If they suggest that it’s true that Georgia had rampant election fraud and is refusing to address it and change the systems — as Trump continues to falsely allege — then they risk turning away voters who feel votes cast for Loeffler and Perdue are a waste of time and won’t be counted.

On the other hand, if they tell their constituents that the Georgia voting system is strong and trustworthy, they go against Trump, which doesn’t sit well with most of his supporters.

Trump has already complained about the two not supporting him enthusiastically enough. Now, he’s holding a rally in the state that is supposedly in support of the two GOP candidates. However, like his last rally for them, it looks like he’s already planning to make it all about himself and his own grievances.

Trump says in a Monday tweet that he’ll discuss vote tallies in his “speech” — this comes on the heels of a recording released showing that he pleaded with the Georgia Secretary of State to change those tallies for him and call it a recalculation.

If Trump is already planning his rally speech around vote tallies and the final outcome in his own election, that suggests his focus will be much more on himself and his loss, which in turn suggests another series of attacks on Georgia’s election systems — and could be more bad news for Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue.

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