Loeffler, Husband Now Billionaires As She Ignores Senate Duties

Kelly Loeffler, the Georgia Republican seeking to retain her Senate seat in Tuesday’s runoff election against Rev. Raphael Warnock, has repeatedly said on the campaign trail that she wants to stay in Washington to keep fighting for Georgians. And she’s claimed that just like many average Americans, at one point she struggled financially, living paycheck-to-paycheck.

As voters head to the polls today they should be aware that Loeffler and her husband, Jeff Sprecher, recently joined the billionaires club as stock in the company he owns Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), rose more than 22 percent in value in 2020. Loeffler, who was appointed to fill a Senate vacancy, already was the wealthiest member of Congress when she began her campaign and her “I’m just one of you” speech lines rings hollow.

And, as she has campaigned and seen her personal wealth soar in recent months, Loeffler has been seriously neglecting her day job as a U.S. senator. Congressional records show that she has been marked “not voting” in 50 out of 65 votes in the U.S. Senate since the Nov. 3 election. That equates to a “did not participate” rate of 77 percent. While a number of those were votes on Trump administration appointments, which generally aren’t a huge priority for senators, Loeffler’s also skipped out on votes on important piece of legislation, including two votes on amendments to make Social Security benefits more accessible. One of those eliminated the five-month waiting period for patients with ALS, the incurable degenerative disease.

Campaigning also got in the way of her being in the Senate chamber for a vote to condemn weapons sales to the United Arab Emirates, as well as two confirmations for board appointees to the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), which provides electricity to 10 million people in the southeast United States, including many of the constituents she purports to serve in north Georgia.

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