Liz Cheney’s Fate Was Decided By Kevin McCarthy, Not House GOP, One Member Explains

Representatives Adam Kinzinger(R-IL) and Liz Cheney (R-WY) have something important in common: they’re two of the U.S. House Republicans who have spoken out repeatedly against some of Donald Trump’s behavior in office, and they both publicly recognize his role in the January 6th attack by his supporters. After Cheney was punished by her GOP colleagues for standing up, Kinzinger shared some information with the press.

Kevin McCarthy Liz Cheney vote
[Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images]

Adam Kinzinger has made it clear his principles are his priority, even if that means opposing a majority of his party. Wednesday morning, he joined other House Republicans for a vote on the fate of Liz Cheney. However, he explains, this vote did not go as expected. Rather than a roll call vote, and a clear record of how Cheney’s colleagues feel, there was a voice vote, which Kinzinger characterizes as House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy simply deciding for himself what the outcome would be, and ensuring that it happened as planned.

He says that he believes Cheney had a significant amount of support, but that the voice vote was cast as a way to “show unity.”

“At that point is not worth the fight. The leaders made his decision, that’s fine, and we will have to hold them to whatever that is.”

Tweeting the evening before the vote, Kinzinger expressed his support for Cheney, describing her as a voice of leadership and integrity.

Cheney isn’t allowing the opposition from her own party to silence her voice, however. She vowed after the vote that she would continue to fight to keep Donald Trump from holding office again.

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