Liz Cheney: Jim Jordan Has 'Something to Hide' About Lead-Up to January 6th

Most Republican lawmakers said the right thing after the January 6th insurrection. But once it was clear that GOP voters were still all in on Trump, the vast majority of Conservative lawmakers decided that the insurrection wasn't all that big a deal. 

Liz Cheney was in the minority. The powerful congresswoman took a torch to her career by serving on a committee that investigated the lead-up to the event. She's recently written a book about her experiences and has been talking with cable news hosts. 

During a Tuesday conversation with Nicolle Wallace, the MSNBC host asked about Jim Jordan's involvement in the events before January 6th. Cheney answered:

"I  think that there's no question he has — that Jim Jordan has something to hide, probably a lot to hide. If you go back and you look at the phone records as well as what he's said himself about his discussions and his conversations with Donald Trump on the 6. There's a very significant role he played in the lead-up to that. He was clearly one of the masterminds in terms of helping to facilitate Donald Trump's efforts to overturn the election."

Cheney later continued, "So, you have to imagine that he's doing everything he can to help Donald Trump, to do Donald Trump's bidding," Cheney continued. "And I think that he has so many questions of his own to answer that people just need to go back and look at the record.Look at how confused he's been when people have pushed him on what did you say to Donald Trump. When did you talk to him on the 6th?"