Liz Cheney Absolutely Rips Mitch McConnell Following Donald Trump Meeting

Mitch McConnell doesn't like Donald Trump and would prefer he wasn't the Republican nominee for President. In fact, despite their positions within the GOP, the two men hadn't spoken for years before meeting in Washington DC yesterday. 

Why McConnell has had no issues with criticizing Trump in the past, he had nothing but positive words for the former President yesterday. And Liz Cheney, another Republican who has stood up to Trump, was not happy with the Senate Minority Leader. 

McConnell said after the meeting, "He and I got a chance to talk, we shook hands a few times. He got a lot of standing ovations. It was an entirely positive meeting. I can’t think of anything to tell you out of it that was negative."

Cheney wrote of the Kentucky senator on Twitter:

"Mitch McConnell knows Trump provoked the violent attack on our Capitol and then ‘watched television happily’ as his mob brutally beat police officers and hunted the Vice President. He knows Trump refused for hours to tell his mob to leave and ‘even then with police officers bleeding … he kept repeating his election lies and praising the criminals."

The former Congresswoman continued, "He knows Trump committed a ‘disgraceful dereliction of duty’ and is a danger to our Republic. Trump and his collaborators will be defeated, and history will remember the shame of people like McConnell who enabled them."