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Literally The Only Group Seemingly Opposed To Warren’s Ultra-Millionaire Tax Is GOP Men With Degrees

Literally The Only Group Seemingly Opposed To Warren’s Ultra-Millionaire Tax Is GOP Men With Degrees

A Democrats grapple with which candidates’ among the numerous presidential field they have has the best tax policy to compete with President Donald Trump next fall, a new poll demonstrates that most Americans — save for one group — thinks taxing the ultra-rich is a pretty good idea.

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A plan touted by Sen. Elizabeth Warren, in which incomes over $50 million would be taxed at a rate of 2 percent, is fairly popular among all Americans, a New York Times/SurveyMonkey poll released on Friday revealed. Nearly two-thirds (63 percent) of Americans support the idea, while 33 percent are against it.

While conservatives have derided the plan as harmful to the economy, the poll found that both major political parties were supportive of it. Perhaps expectedly, 77 percent of Democrats were in favor of such a tax plan. Surprisingly, however, a majority of Republicans (57 percent) also said that taxing incomes above $50 million was also something they could support.

Indeed, Republican men without a college degree also supported the idea (59.3 percent), as did Republican women without a degree (61.4 percent) and Republican women with a degree (60 percent). The only partisan group that did not support the plan put forward by Warren was Republican men with a college degree, among whom only 41.5 percent approved.

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According to Warren’s campaign website, the 2 percent tax on ultra-millionaire incomes would generate more than $3 trillion over the course of a 10-year period.

Interestingly, the poll also asked voters how they felt about Trump’s tax plan that was passed in 2017. The poll found that 45 percent approved of the tax plan that was implemented two years ago, while 48 percent said they still didn’t like them.

Those numbers actually show improvements of the tax plan compared to where things were before they were passed into law. A CNN poll from December 2017 found that only 33 percent approved of the plan to pass the tax package, while 55 percent were opposed to them.

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