Listen: Trump’s Georgia Phone Call Remixed To ‘Rent’ Tune

The Gregory Brothers, a musical quartet who describe their function as “discovering accidental songs throughout the universe,” have added music to President Donald Trump’s phone call with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. Now you can hear Trump plead for someone to just find 11,780 votes to the tune of “Seasons of Love” — the song from the Broadway musical ‘Rent,’ characterized in part by it’s own numeric lyrics.

Trump phone call set to Rent tune
[Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]

The “Rent” cast sang, “Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes,” describing the length of a year, and Trump sings “eleven thousand eight hundred seventy votes,” describing what he needs to flip Joe Biden’s Georgia win in his favor, but it works quite well and the song is getting so many shares — well, if a view of the Youtube video was a vote for Trump, he’d have more than three times enough to flip the state of Georgia. (Since it isn’t, he still lost.)

Don’t miss the disclaimer at the beginning though:

“This video and audio has been altered to maximize brevity and silliness and create a fictional world in which Donald Trump breaks into song to persuade people to do crimes. For full context, see the full call.”

While setting Trump’s phone call to music leaves us with a laugh, in the real world it’s serious business, and some legislators are calling for a criminal investigation into Trump’s actions on the call. The audio recording of the actual call was released publicly after the president misrepresented the content of the conversation on Twitter, and Secretary Raffensperger warned him that the truth would be revealed.

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