Listen: Trump Tells Brian Kilmeade: I Wasn’t Hiding in Bunker, I Was Inspecting It

Riots and protests have broken out around the country and Donald Trump has mostly threatened governors and protesters. Former Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama have released statements about the George Floyd killing. Joe Biden gave a well received 22 minute speech on the incident on Tuesday.

100k dead Donald Trump
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Trump, however, has been heavily criticized for not trying to unify the country. He has also taken a hit for “hiding out” in a bunker during the Washington DC protests. On Wednesday, Trump told Brian Kilmeade that he wasn’t hiding in the bunker, just inspecting it.

The President made the comments during an episode of Kilmeade’s radio show. He tried to dispel the idea he was hiding, saying, “I’ve gone down there 2 or 3 times, all for inspection. You never know, you may need it.”

Trump continued by telling Kilmeade:

“I looked at it. It was during the day, it was not a problem. I read about it. We never had a problem. No one ever came close to giving us a problem. The secret service does an unbelievable job of maintaining control of the White House. And beyond the secret service, we have a lot of other great people out there including the DC Police. And then, of course, on top of that, after I saw the one evening which was a little rough. And it was certainly rough on Leland (Vittert, a Fox News reporter), I think more so than anyone else, we brought in the troops.”

Listen to Trump’s comments below:

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