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LISTEN: Ted Lieu Rips Entire GOP For Doing Nothing About Paul Gosar’s AOC Murder Fantasy Video

LISTEN: Ted Lieu Rips Entire GOP For Doing Nothing About Paul Gosar’s AOC Murder Fantasy Video

The GOP is a rudderless ship right now. No matter what members might do, they never face any kind of consequences or repercussions for their actions.

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Paul Gosar highlighted that this week when he posted a fantasy video of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez being murdered. Republicans basically ignored the situation.

Ted Lieu talked about the situation this week with Sirius/XM’s Dean Obeidallah. The conversation went like this:

“Dean: [Rep] Paul Gosar is even worse what’s your reaction to this man his staff made a video in which he literally is killing AOC and threatening the President United States, it’s a cartoon but still it’s real.

Rep Lieu: That was a dangerous, disgusting and despicable video. In any other workplace in America if a coworker made an animated film killing another coworker, that person would be fired. I have called on [GOP House leader] Kevin McCarthy to remove Representative Gosar from congressional committees and to recommend him for expulsion. I’ve also recommended that House Ethics Committee look into this behavior but we can’t just let this go without any consequences.

Dean: I agree and it’s not even over the top to say the Republicans were angrier at the 13 House Republicans voted for the bipartisan infrastructure bill than they are with Paul Gosar. I mean, this is where we are, this is the other party we have to deal with now.

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Rep Lieu: You absolutely right the Republican caucus had a meeting where they were talking about stripping committee assignments from members of Congress but they weren’t talking about Paul Gosar it was as you pointed out the 13 members who voted for bipartisan infrastructure bill and create lots of good jobs. And that is just where the Republican caucus is right now: They are in a very deep, dark and sick place.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Sirius/XM:

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