LISTEN: Stephen Miller Tells Megyn Kelly Claims That He’s a White Nationalist are Execrable Lies

There were a number of people within the Trump administration that were loathed by the general public. But perhaps no one was more hated that aide Stephen Miller.Miller was known as the architect of some of Trump’s most disgraceful and racist policies. He still serves the former president as a key advisor.

MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images

The advisor is the subject of a new book by Jean Guerrero. Guerrero’s book, Hatemonger, details the impact he had on Trump’s policies.

During a podcast appearance with Megyn Kelly, Miller said of claims that he’s a white supremacist, “There is not a single, solitary quote anywhere, in any of these segments, ever saying ‘Aha, here’s the quote from Stephen’…because it doesn’t exist.'”

Acting like a journalist for just a brief moment, Kelly asked about Miller’s promotion of white nationalist websites. But then she said, “I don’t pay that close attention when they’re calling everybody in the Trump White House ‘White nationalists,’ because that’s what they say about everybody.”

Miller countered, “The statement, the accusation from a handful of insane people that I am a White nationalist or other various smears are detestable and execrable lies that are repeatedly rebutted.”

The appearance by Miller is unlikely to change the mind of his critics who are various. His own Uncle wrote a column for Politico blasting his nephew for wild hypocrisy.

Listen to the podcast below:


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