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LISTEN: Sean Hannity Brags About Supplying Russian TV With Biden Slams

LISTEN: Sean Hannity Brags About Supplying Russian TV With Biden Slams

Viewers turning into Fox News each night are hearing plenty about Russia. Tucker Carlson has been complimentary of the Russian President, wondering why people hate him.

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Sean Hannity hasn’t been as pro-Putin as his co-worker but he does slam Joe Biden plenty. Hannity was recently asked about Russian TV quoting him. He seemed to think of it as a good thing. The Fox Hos told radio listeners, “So the New York Times and others are suggesting, and what was the other — Rolling Stone magazine saying, ‘Hannity was quoting Putin’s spokesperson who said that Joe is cognitively weak.’ I’m like, I say it every day of the week.”

Hannity continued:

“And my point — my point, I’ve said it before before the election. And not only that, I can play example after example that corroborates what I’m saying is true.  My point was our enemies see it. There’s a reason — now, why was Crimea annexed under Biden, Obama? And why did the caliphate grow under Biden, Obama, but not under Trump? Why is it now that Ukraine is invaded again under Biden? There are reasons for it.

And the main reason is they perceive Joe as weak. That might be their talking point, but if they got it, they stole it from me. Because I’ve been making the case that having a weak American president is not good for this country and it’s not good for the world.”

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Listen to the segment below:

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