Listen: Reese Witherspoon Says She May Run for Office One Day Because More Women Are Needed

There is a long tradition of celebrities running for political office in America. One of the most famous was Ronald Reagan who went from acting in Hollywood to the White House. Actors like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Fred Thompson, Jesse Ventura and Al Franken followed in his footsteps. And Donald Trump, of course, was the host of The Apprentice for many years.

Photo by Marla Aufmuth/Getty Images for Watermark Conference for Women 2018

The last 4 years have created plenty of activism in Hollywood. Alec Baldwin recently said that he’d like to run for office, but his wife would probably divorce him. Rob Lowe said something similar. Reese Witherspoon, doesn’t seem to have the same problem. And she recently said that she would seriously consider a political run.

The topic came up during a recent appearance on the SmartLess podcast. She told hosts Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes and Will Arnett, “our standards have become very low in this country.” Witherspoon continued, “I wouldn’t say never [to a run for office] because I don’t know where I’m going to be when I’m, you know, 65.”

The actress elaborated, “Women are 50 percent of the population, but we’re not 50 percent of the representation in government – which is bizarre – particularly when they’re adjudicating over our bodies.”

Witherspoon also had high praise for Kamala Harris, noting, “It means so much that she just represents so much to women out there. Black and brown girls all over this country just know now that anything is possible. Anybody who dedicates their life to public service like that is just really remarkable.”

Listen to the podcast below:



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