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LISTEN: Noel Casler Describes Drug-Fueled Trump Sex Parties, Sex Trafficking Minors, More

LISTEN: Noel Casler Describes Drug-Fueled Trump Sex Parties, Sex Trafficking Minors, More

Noel Casler, who once worked with the Trump family on the set of Celebrity Apprentice, and has had other roles connecting him to political figures and celebrities, has been sharing stories about Donald Trump since he announced his candidacy for President of the United States. Now he has a podcast, and in the latest episode, he’s spilling on Trump Model Management, with tales of sex trafficking minors and recording participants.

[NEW YORK CITY, NY – APRIL 18: (L-R) Donald Trump, Allie LaForce Miss Teen USA 2005, Natalie Glebova Miss Universe 2005 and Chelsea Cooley Miss USA 2005 attend “The Miss Universe Guide to Beauty” Book Launch Hosted by Donald Trump at Trump Tower on April 18, 2006 in New York City. Photo by Photos – Gabriela Maj/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images]

CONTENT WARNING: the clip and text below will describe sex trafficking of underaged girls, including mentions of teenagers being forced into sex acts. Please use appropriate caution in reading and listening.

Casler says that for decades, Trump would gather business associates for parties at the Plaza Hotel, where cocaine was only the first course. “And then they would go off into the bedrooms and the suites, with these girls,” Casler describes, going on to claim that Trump recorded this activity.

The “girls” in question, according to Casler, are teenagers as young as 14 who thought Trump Model Management was the key to unlocking their careers, only to find themselves warehoused in dorm-like rooms with bunk beds where they’d be expected to ‘work off’ their room and board.

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He also opines that Trump’s later project, Miss Teen USA, and by extension, teen beauty pageants in general, are a type of sex trafficking, asking how it’s possibly appropriate for a group of adults to sit around deciding which underaged girl is most attractive in a swimsuit.

Casler is far from the first to make the allegation. A Guardian piece last year detailed many of the same accusations — citing the very women who, as teenagers, were ‘guests’ at some Trump functions. These include Kate Dillon, who was 17 at the time and says that teens were led to believe that if they were “nice” to certain men, it would be beneficial to their lives. A Business Insider story in 2017 described the experiences of other models, such as being brought to the U.S. without a work visa, making the teenagers vulnerable and afraid, and of being in debt to the agency after breaking ties with them. In 2016, Daily Kos covered, specifically, allegations that the modeling agency was a cover for sex trafficking.

However, Trump has never faced charges for this, and as the Daily Kos story pointed out, every time it’s brought up, it’s allowed to fade into the news cycle background, so at this point, the allegations, however publicly made, haven’t ever been officially substantiated (or disproven).

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