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[LISTEN]: Michael Cohen Thinks Donald Trump Already Had COVID-19 (And Other Podcast Highlights)

[LISTEN]: Michael Cohen Thinks Donald Trump Already Had COVID-19 (And Other Podcast Highlights)

The second episode of Michael Cohen’s podcast, Mea Culpa has dropped, and in it, he offers several revelations. He believes the president has already had COVID-19, and that this is why he doesn’t fear holding rallies, which Cohen says look like Klan meetings. He also says that Trump never wanted to be president, and rejected transition materials when they were offered. He also believes that Louis DeJoy is a tool the president is using to game the election, and that when he’s no longer useful, Donald Trump will abandon him, and the postmaster general will find himself in prison.

Michael Cohen, says Donald Trump had COVID-19
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Michael Cohen, along with his guest, Anthony Scaramucci, weighed in on why Trump isn’t concerned about holding rallies. The president answered this question himself recently, saying that he doesn’t worry about rallies because he’s far from the crowd and therefore safe. Cohen’s view is quite similar, although he thinks that Trump has an additional reason to believe he’s safe.

The fact that this idiot will go to rally after rally and he will sit there without a mask, knowing that it’s…an airborne virus….and the reason that he’s able, in my opinion, is that he probably had COVID, and he probably was given notification by the doctors that he has the antibodies, so he feels that he’s impervious now, and he doesn’t give two shits about you or your family members…especially if they’re a Democrat.

You can listen to the full podcast below:

Cohen also said that Trump never wanted to be president, and scolded his long-time ‘fixer’ for attempting to provide him with transition information to prepare for the eventuality that he could be elected. Now, however, Cohen believes that Trump is desperate to maintain the office, because he fears facing consequences. However, Cohen also thinks that if Trump does lose, he may resign immediately, and have Mike Pence issue a wide-ranging pardon that could protect him from Federal charges — “without realizing that of course the pardon power does not extend to the city or the state.”

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Cohen called out Trump’s rallies, saying they look like Ku Klux Klan gatherings, almost exclusively white, and said that Trump prevents Mike Pence from choosing to wear a mask in line with current guidance for COVID-19 protection, because he’s afraid it will look like disloyalty to the president.

He also warned (again, as in his book) that loyalty with Trump is one-directional. While he expects complete loyalty, the president doesn’t feel a debt of the same to anyone, Cohen says, and when all is said and done, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, who is accused of making changes to the Post Office in order to interfere with mailed ballots and shift the outcome fo the 2020 Presidential election, will end up in prison, while Trump washes his hands of the man and walks away without consequences.

Cohen’s podcast, released every Monday, is like a continuation of his book, offering insight on the president’s behavior based on his experience in years of working for Trump.

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