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LISTEN: Legal Analyst Predicts Trump Org Will “Go Belly-Up” & Trump Will “Be A Pauper”

LISTEN: Legal Analyst Predicts Trump Org Will “Go Belly-Up” & Trump Will “Be A Pauper”

Michael Cohen has, since leaving both prison and the service of Donald Trump, been hosting a podcast, as well as writing books and speaking to prosecutors and investigators, telling everything he knows about his former boss. He invites guests who include others who have had close interactions with Trump, and legal experts who can opine on the former President’s future.

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On his latest episode, Cohen hosted guest Glen Kirschner, a legal analyst who appears on MSNBC and NBC, to discuss the cases that are still being brought against the Trump Organization and its namesake. In the snippet below, you can hear Kirshner describing some of what he predicts for the ousted, twice-impeached one-term president:

Though Kirshner affirms that pleading the fifth amendment cannot be used against a defendant in a criminal case, he predicts that it will be used in civil fraud cases that Trump will face, as evidence that the businessman was aware of the illegality of practices his businesses allegedly used to gain benefits he was not entitled to.

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“It will crush him in the civil case. He’s gonna be a pauper by then anyway,” Kirshner predicts, adding, “The Trump Organization, I believe, will go belly-up.”

In the full episode, he also addresses the “roadmap” he believes is already laid out for prosecutors to follow in order to hold Trump responsible for the January 6th attack. The two also speculate, from the perspective of their legal knowledge and Cohen’s personal experience and knowledge of Donald Trump’s character, about the reasons his accounting firm quit and disavowed any financial statements passed through their office (Cohen says that Mazurs agents knew without question they’d get thrown under the proverbial bus for Trump’s alleged crimes) and why the Republican Party has such a devotion to him, even to their own detriment (with some discussion of how Trump might be persuading them behind closed doors) and more.

The full audio is available here.

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