Listen: Laura Ingraham Whines That Even Wealthy White Children Can’t Get Into College Because of Racial Quotas

It is very common to see non-white people attacked on Fox News. Tucker Carlson often dedicates entire segments to race baiting. But the worst racial attacks normally come from Laura Ingraham.

Alex Wong/Getty Images

During a recent radio segment, the Fox host claimed that many of the best white students can’t get into college. She told Heather McDonald:

“It’s going to take a lot of these liberal white women who voted for Biden and were whining about Trump’s tweets — when their sons start getting nixed and dinged from all these colleges because they have to admit 59 percent people of color, we’ll see how much — we’ll see how much of that goodwill toward the, toward this new movement that they’re really going to have. But, you know, for now, they’ve been able to isolate themselves, but a lot of these women will — they’re going to find that their husbands and their sons, they don’t — they don’t get the they don’t get the doors opened. Even if you’re wealthy and even if you know people, I don’t know. I’m hearing lots of stories about kids who have almost perfect SATs and straight A’s. They’re not getting in any schools.”

Listen to  a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Quake Media:


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