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LISTEN: Howard Stern On COVID-19 Vaccines — “If You Don’t Get It, Go Home & Die, That’s What You Should Get”

LISTEN: Howard Stern On COVID-19 Vaccines — “If You Don’t Get It, Go Home & Die, That’s What You Should Get”

Howard Stern — known as the ultimate radio shock-jock — may have shocked his listeners in an entirely different way when he opened up about COVID-19 vaccination. Stern has a reputation for speaking out against government regulations on speech and broadcasting in particular, but this time, he’s telling listeners why an anti-government conspiracy theory is over-the-top.

Radio and television personality as well as author Howard Stern photographed at Sirius XM in New York City, NY on May 02, 2019.
(Photo by Marvin Joseph/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

In the clip below, you can hear Stern explaining that the U.S. Government handing out vaccines that would kill people or turn them into walking, talking magnets just isn’t realistic.

“They don’t trust our government. They think there’s some kind of conspiracy to turn them into a magnet or something like this. They think they’re going to become magnetized if they take the vaccine.”

Stern himself did not experience any magnetic qualities upon vaccination.

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“I’ve taken this vaccine three times and the worst side effect is that for a day I had a little bit of a headache.”

That’s not all. The discussion runs to civic duty, touching on the polio vaccine and the expectation that people of “my parents’ generation” would take vaccines in order to protect themselves and their communities — and Stern says that if he was running things, people would still have the free choice to skip vaccination, but there would be serious consequences, in that hospitals would have no obligation to expose workers and other patients by treating anti-vaxxers.

“If you don’t get it, in my America, all hospitals would be closed to you. You’re gonna go home and die. That’s what you should get.”

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