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LISTEN: Herschel Walker On Stopping “Gay Weddings” — “Not Yet, But…”

LISTEN: Herschel Walker On Stopping “Gay Weddings” — “Not Yet, But…”

When the Supreme Court announced it was overturning Roe v. Wade after half a century of predecent, the immediate question was, what precedent would be snatched away next? Herschel Walker, running in Georgia for the U.S. Senate, affirms that conservatives want marriage equality on the chopping block.

Roberts, Alito, threaten to 'fix' marriage equality
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Justice Clarence Thomas, in issuing a concurring opinion with the decision in the Dobbs case, where the majority of the Supreme Court came together on a decision overturning Roe, openly stated that other precedents could be in the sights for the near future, including the right to access birth control and the protections for marriage equality. He even suggested that the privacy standard that has been understood to protect the right to be in a same-sex relationship could be removed.

Meanwhile, other conservatives have tried to argue that marriage equality, contraception, and other rights aren’t on the table.

Herschel Walker isn’t afraid to admit that it’s something he’d like to go after, though.

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Asked, “Can we stop the gay weddings,” Walker stumbles, apparently uncertain at first whether this is an issue for Congress or for the states, but affirms that it’s “against stuff [he] believe[s] in,” and finally settles on each state being permitted to “stop all of that.”

“Gay weddings? Well, gay weddings is something you have to work with the Congress — I think that each state gonna determine that. Not yet, but that’s against stuff I believe in, so each state can just stop all of that.”

Ultimately, the most telling part of his answer is the two chilling words: “Not yet.”

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