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LISTEN: GOP Congressional Candidate Wants You To Pray Away Your COVID Vaccination

LISTEN: GOP Congressional Candidate Wants You To Pray Away Your COVID Vaccination

Since COVID-19 vaccination became available, some extreme conspiracy theories have risen up around it, from the notion that it contained some sort of tracking microchip to claims that the shot is pure poison. In fact, there’s a Republican running for Congress right now who claims to believe that the COVID vaccines are poison — but believes she has an antidote.

[Image via YouTube/Janet Porter]

Janet Folger Porter’s background is a right-wing bingo card. She has promoted anti-abortion propaganda and fought against abortion access, including lobbying for the first partial-birth abortion ban, and authoring her state’s heartbeat bill. She’s fought just as hard against LGBTQ rights, and founded faith-based groups and hosted religious and political radio shows, as well as writing books in the anti-abortion and Christian victim card realm. Her bio on All American Speakers lists these and other dubious accomplishments, including an honorary degree from a Bible college.

Now she’s running for Congress, though, and she also has some big ideas in the realm of medicine — or, at least, in using prayer to undo medicine. Listen to the clip below, as she explains how a Christian can use prayer to remove the COVID-19 vaccine from their body.

“You read in the Bible about, was it Elijah, Pastor, that put the flour in the stew, to remove the poison? Elisha. So here’s the deal. If God can take poison out of a stew, he can take poison out of a body…Don’t get any more boosters. But I just wanna say, we have a God who heals…God can heal even from mistakes we make. He can heal from cancer, he can heal from the poison jab, the death jab, he can heal.”

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