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LISTEN: Convicted Capitol Rioter Thinks His Son Only Reported Him Over Being Denied Use Of Car

LISTEN: Convicted Capitol Rioter Thinks His Son Only Reported Him Over Being Denied Use Of Car

Trump supporters shared Capitol tunnel maps

Convicted and locked up, one participant in the January 6th attack on the Capitol still seems to be in defense mode. In fact, calling in to a right-wing news network, Guy Reffitt indicated that he believes his son turned him in not over criminal activity at the Capitol, or in response to death threats, but merely over a teenager-parent dispute about the use of a family vehicle.

Trump supporters shared Capitol tunnel maps
[Photographer: Victor J. Blue/Bloomberg via Getty Image]

Reffitt was convicted on all counts last week, after being charged with not only bringing a weapon to the Capitol on January 6th, but threatening the lives of his teenage son and daughter if they reported him.

His son testified in court.

Now, speaking to Newsmax, Reffitt has pulled off a complete shift in the story, hinting that ideological differences were a root cause of the conflict between himself and his son, but that ultimately, he believes the nineteen-year-old only turned him in over anger at not being permitted to use his mother’s vehicle.

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He says that bringing this up at trial to discredit his son’s testimony was under consideration, and he’s not quite sure why it didn’t happen.

According to the Washington Post, Reffitt’s wife Nicole has backed up their son’s testimony, admitting that he threatened their children, that she confronted him about it, and that he showed no regret and would not take back the threats on the lives of his children, but she still insisted that he would never really act on the threats.

The CBS local affiliate reports that Nicole Reffitt stood by her husband’s actions, including his choice to seek a trial by jury, and after the conviction, stood in front of the courthouse imploring other defendants in the attack to also insist on jury trials, rather than seeking plea deals and cooperating with investigators.

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